A New Morning Routine: Walk+Bike to School

Looking for a free way to get your kids moving in the morning?

Close your eyes and imagine that it is October 9th, International Walk+Bike to School Day. Unlike other mornings when vehicle traffic is heavy, the quiet around the school in your neighborhood is broken by students’ laughter and chatting as they walk and bike onto school grounds. You hear the sounds of a healthy school community forming, and you want to make sure that it happens every day. How do you want to celebrate?

That is what organizing Walk+Bike to School Day is all about.

  • It is turning the morning commute to school into a community building, healthy and reinvigorating, mind clearing activity that serves kids, parents, and teachers.
  • It is celebrating what makes us happy and healthy and encouraging others to join in.
  • It is a way for individuals to solve some of the larger problems facing our country by walking and biking to decrease obesity and chronic diseases, decrease green house gases, and increase students’ ability to concentrate in school.

Amazing folks all over the state have already registered 196 schools for this event. We have boxes of incentives for the next 54 that sign up. Claim one of these 54 spots by signing your school up for Walk+Bike to School Day or asking a friend who is involved in a school community to do it (tell them you’ll volunteer to help!).

How will you celebrate?


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