Walk+Bike to School Day is coming! Register now for free goodies.

Register your school today for International Walk+Bike to School Day, October 9th!

Top 5 reasons to sign up your kid’s school to participate in Walk+Bike to School Day:

5) When I ask kids what they love about biking, they say “the wind.” (kids are awesome)

4) Walking and biking is way more fun than prancercise (that depends on who you ask!)


3) You get free goodies mailed to your school in a big goodie box including posters, stickers, shoelaces, flying disks, and a Nutcase Helmet. (yeehaw! Goodies for the first 250 schools!)

2) 60% of kids don’t get any exercise outside of school. (What?!?!?)

1) More kids walking and biking means a better future for ALL of us.

Sign up today and walk and bike your way to elementary school glory!  Join the growing group of adults that respond to “Hey!  It’s the Bike Lady (or Guy)!” Do it, and do it now.  You will never regret the time you spent encouraging kids to walk and bike, we promise.


For extra credit, you can sign up for the Fire Up Your Feet month long challenge in October to encourage walking and biking all month long!


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  1. Dan Permalink  | Aug 21, 2013 12:46pm

    So are grownups who act like kids also awesome? (Please say yes.)