Two Opportunities to Support Active Transportation in Milwaukie

The City of Milwaukie is in the final stages of updating their citywide transportation plan – the Transportation System Plan (TSP) 2013 Update. In fact, the public review draft was released this week!

This document sets the trajectory for Milwaukie’s transportation future with the aim of transportation options and safe streets for everyone. The TSP includes proposals that will benefit all modes including bicycling, freight, driving, mass-transit, and walking.


SE Monroe as a Neighborhood Greenway (rendering by Owen Walz)

Naturally, we are especially excited about the bike-related plans including the creation of low-traffic, low-speed neighborhood greenways. We have identified one of those future greenways, on Monroe Street, as one of 16 projects in our Blueprint for World Class Bicycling and Milwaukie City Council have identified the project as one of 11 goals for 2013.

If you want to see safer streets in Milwaukie, the TSP needs your support. Try to attend at least one of these upcoming events:

Thu, Sep 5th 5:00pm
TSP Update — Public Meeting
Learn more about the TSP update.
Milwaukie Presbyterian Church (2416 SE Lake Rd)

Tue, Sep 10th 6:30pm
Planning Commission
Support the adoption of the TSP update.
City Hall Council Chambers (10722 SE Main St)


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