Putting the ‘Brew’ in ‘Bikes, Brews, & Bluegrass’

Join us for our ride to Kruger’s Farm Thursday, August 29th for our guided ride-Bikes, Brews, & Bluegrass– and get captured by the amazing beer from Captured by Porches Brewing while enjoying live music and farm stand bounties!

Captured by Porches Brewing is the sole beer provider for Kruger’s Farm. Why, You may ask? Because they’re local, delicious and all around awesome!


Captured by Porches was established in 2002 as “an eclectic home brew club.” Those involved in the brewing process would frequently find themselves captured by the porch out front of the brewer’s home.  With a tasty brew in hand and in the midst of great company, being captured by the comfort of the porch gave way to a collection of special moments with friends and family.

Dylan Goldsmith found his passion for brewing after many years of enjoying similar hobbies like cooking, baking, inventing new recipes and figuring things out. He started out searching for stainless equipment on Craig’s List and in garage sales. Slowly small batches of five gallons turned into ten, fifteen, and twenty gallon brews. All the while his hope for large scale brewing sat and waited in the form of a 75 gallon stainless dishwashing machine shell and two forty gallon kettles in his garage collecting dust. Eventually his momentum peaked and Dylan was offered the opportunity to brew at Clinton Street Brewing. After a couple of years gaining experience and wrestling with financial difficulties in trying to attain their own brewing space in accordance with the City and Portland and ODOT, Dylan and his wife found a great spot in the Historic St. Helens to put down roots and get to brewing. Check out their history, mission, and seasonal beers on their website at capturedbyporches.com!

Captured by Porches ales are always unfiltered and naturally carbonated, and all of their beers are made with regionally grown, locally malted organic grain, and are always vegan. Captured by Porches is dedicated to helping their community and giving back whenever they can. They have donated to several non profit and charitable organizations in the past and are gracious enough to be donating a portion of beer sales to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance the night of August 29th!


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