TriMet and City of Portland Reach Out to Eastside Greenway Trail Riders

Greenway_Outreach2_June2013On a recent Thursday morning just north of OMSI, TriMet and the City of Portland staff shared coffee with bike commuters to remind people of the detour from the Eastside Greenway Trail in effect until next summer. Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge construction has closed the trail to through traffic.

The approved detour follows bike lanes on SE Water Avenue. Cutting through surrounding parking lots, instead of following the detour, sends people on bikes through large groups of people arriving at or leaving nearby offices and in the case of OMSI parking lots, hundreds of museum visitors and employees.

Luckily the SE Water Avenue detour is quick, direct, and easy, and connects the two open sections of the trail without hassle.

When the light rail bridge is complete, it will add a new multi-use river crossing that directly connects SE Portland and South Waterfront. The bridge will have 14-foot multi-use paths on each side, wider than any other Portland bridge paths.


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