Noah Visits Cyclepedia

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This is a post by guest contributor, Noah Kruss, age 13.

On Friday, June 28th I went to the Cyclopedia exhibit at the Portland Art Museum. Cyclopedia consisted of a show room filled with about 60 bikes from throughout the ages, of all different shapes and sizes. One bike folded up into nothing. This bike was called the Pocket Bike and was made in 1963.

Then there was a super tall bike called Solling Pedersen that was created in 1978. The Solling Pedersen introduced a flexible sadle suspended with steel cords that allowed the bike to get more stable when the rider sits down.

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But my overall favorite bike was the Buddy Bike (made in 1988) which was a tandem bike. The buddy bike was my favorite one because it allowed the riders to have a conversation as they rode or because it allowed only the rider on the left to steer. I liked it because the idea of having the rider on different sides of the bike was impossible in my eyes. I say this because if one rider weighs significantly more than the other I would think that the bike would tip over to one side due to the uneven weight.

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But these are just three of the amazing bikes at Cyclopedia, so if you want to see the rest of the bikes you’ll have to go to the Portland Art Museum yourself.



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