Legal Clinic Hosted in BTA Office

Recently the BTA hosted another legal clinic at their offices in downtown Portland. Ray Thomas, a lawyer specializing in bicycle and pedestrian law, led the clinic, which lasted for about an hour and covered notable laws that pertain to bike riders. Thomas focused on what the laws require rather than safety, but he did note that “an assertive bicyclist is a safer bicyclist.”

IMG_3468Each person in attendance received a free copy of Pedal Power: A Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists (normally $10) and a pocket/wallet card with brief summaries of important laws, pertaining to sidewalks, yielding, use of bike lanes, lights, etc. A free PDF version of the book is available online here. It includes the laws exactly as they are written in addition to some annotations by Thomas that summarize them in more plain language.

In response to a question, Thomas noted that these laws do not apply to multiuse paths, such as the Eastbank Esplanade, Springwater Corridor, etc., which many were surprised to find out.

Check out the PDF of the book or this shorter list from BikePortland to learn more about what the laws say regarding people on bicycles.


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