It’s okay. Take the lane.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has announced that the paths on either side of the Broadway Bridge will be closed for three days beginning next Tuesday, July 16th (from 9:00 AM on 7/16 to 5:30 AM on 7/19). During that time, we would like to clarify that it is legal to bike on the deck of the bridge. People crossing the bridge on bikes should feel confident taking the lane. Extra care should be taken around the streetcar tracks particularly on the west end for those travelling westbound.


The closure will allow Portland Streetcar to address problems with their repairs to the non-slip coating on the bridge pathways which was done in October. During the eastbound portion of the October closure, the BTA won a dedicated detour for bicycle traffic on the bridge.

It is our hope that PBOT, this time around, will clarify that bicycle traffic has the legal right to the lane by including “BICYCLES IN ROADWAY” signage on the bridge and, perhaps, temporarily lowering the speed limit.

Those who are not comfortable biking across the deck of the Broadway Bridge should use PBOT’s recommended alternative: the Steel Bridge.


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  1. adam sherburne Permalink  | Jul 11, 2013 06:38pm

    are there no grates in the carlanes on broadway bridge?

  2. Carl Larson Permalink  | Jul 15, 2013 12:47pm

    Good question Adam. Unlike, say, the Hawthorne Bridge, the Broadway Bridge has a nice, paved deck — no grates. Stick to the outer lanes and avoid those streetcar tracks, though!

  3. Mitch Permalink  | Jul 16, 2013 05:26pm

    No such luck. As of 4:45pm on 7/16, east-bound traffic had no signs or warnings about bikes on the roadway. Way to go, PBOT.


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