A Presentation on OHSU’s Bike Parking Program

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) hosts a presentation/discussion over lunch each month in their Bicycle Brown Bag series. The topic of the June lunch was “How to Turn Bike Parking into Gold,” presented by OHSU’s Transportation Options Coordinator, John Landolfe.


OHSU, the largest organization in the country to achieve the “gold” designation for being a bike-friendly business, has had a lot of success with their bike parking program, including a 400-bike valet lot. This service is free to anyone and funded by the university. It is very secure because of the staff at the lot during the day, including valets in the mornings and afternoons and Go by Bike employees doing bike repairs in the time in between.

Landolfe started off by pointing out how much time bikes spend parked compared to being ridden and ended by noting how most of the prominent bicycling documents/plans in the city, including the BTA’s Blueprint for World-Class Bicycling, do not include parking projects. This discrepancy is, he argued, something to be addressed, especially considering the $1 million worth of bikes that are stolen in Portland each year.


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