Photos from the 1st Week of Pedalpalooza

Pedalpalooza kicked off at the start of June with a grand parade. Lycra, neon-colored wigs, skinny jeans, ties, and even a priest’s alb could all be seen amidst the crowd of 300+ participants. The mass of bike enthusiasts descended upon Holladay Park, bringing with them a contagious excitement for what the next three bike-crazy weeks would bring.

That excitement continued at the Hott Sock ride on Saturday, where rad, weird, crazy, and knee-high socks came out in numbers, and at the Lab2Lab Custom Cargo ride on Sunday.

hott sock


The fun and games were educational at the BTA’s own Bike Safety and Milwaukie 2025 rides. Kids learned safe riding techniques through a game of Simon Says, and a number of interested people learned about future projects to make Milwaukie more bike-friendly.



Keep an eye on the Pedalpalooza calendar throughout the next couple of weeks for more great rides and events.



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