Milwaukians Reaffirm Their Committment to Safer Streets for Walking and Biking

Milwaukie logoThere were quite a few projects discussed at the recent Transportation System Plan Open House in Milwaukie — pedestrian, freight, bike, and auto projects. Out of all of them, though, neighborhood greenways won out when it came time to vote.

TSP dot vote detail

It seems that Milwaukie loves the idea of turning Monroe Street into a low-traffic neighborhood greenway that’s safe and comfortable for walking and biking. In a weighted “dot vote,” the most heavily supported project by far was The Monroe Neighborhood Greenway followed by the Stanley Neighborhood Greenway. In fact, all of the top ten projects were improvements that would somehow, though not exclusively, benefit bicycling.

Monroe Neighborhood Greenway has been identified by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance  in our forthcoming Blueprint for World Class Biking as one of sixteen top-priority projects in the Portland metro area.

If you would like to get involved in our campaign to help make the Monroe Neighborhood Greenway a reality, please contact me at

Also: be sure to join us on Tuesday for Milwaukie 2025, a Pedalpalooza ride we’ve organized in conjunction with Bike Milwaukie. We’ll be exploring Milwaukie’s transportation future and soliciting input from those who go on the ride. More details.


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