MAX to Market Ride Highlights Community Engagement


Recently, I joined BTA’s Statewide Advocate Susan Peithman on a ride to the Forest Grove Farmers’ Market.

The seven-mile ride began at the Hatfield Government Center MAX station in downtown Hillsboro, where we mustered a half-dozen cyclists. As we left the city behind, spectacular panoramas of the surrounding countryside greeted us. Despite a sudden deluge of rain, the quiet roads and gorgeous scenery made for a memorable trip.

The Farmers’ Market didn’t disappoint either. Local vendors displayed their wares as the smell of chorizos and kettle corn wafted above the street. It was idyllic.

The visit culminated in a presentation hosted by Oregon Walks and Adelante Mujeres entitled “Walking: para Vida, Familia, y Comunidad.” Several women from Adelante Mujeres read aloud letters they had written to municipal offices about making neighborhoods safer for pedestrians. Though they appeared timid at times, the conviction in these women’s voices was unmistakable.

Farmers’ markets like the one in Forest Grove can provide a sense of community unlike any other. Not only are they the lifeblood of local businesses, they foster meaningful relationships between farmers and their customers. The MAX to Market ride offered a firsthand glimpse into this symbiosis.


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