Walk+Bike Encouraged 242,000 Active Trips in May

Congratulations to all the Walk+Bike organizers, families, and students!  They made it through a another month of tireless encouraging and tracking walking and bicycle trips during the Walk+Bike Challenge! We want to thank them all so much for their hard work and enthusiasm.

The real winners in the Walk+Bike Challenge are the kids who took around 242,000 active trips in May! 

kids walking
We also want to acknowledge our friends at schools that had particularly impressive participation.
  • Ventura Park Elementary saw the greatest increase in participation, going from 14.3%-47.8%, a 43% increase in active trips!
  • Llewellyn Elementary had the most trips by bicycle, 1,340 trips in total!  Awesome!
  • Beach Elementary had the most walking and bicycling trips and the greatest student participation. 95% of the school population made 8,175 trips on foot and by bicycle!
  • Hucrest Elementary and Woodburn Elementary had the best student participation of the schools new to the program, both with 43% participation!
Hooray for everyone who helped thousands of kids get to school in a safe and healthy way!


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