Improved “traffic flow and safety for all” on Broadway

Today the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) announced they will begin streamlining the off-ramp from the Broadway Bridge into downtown as early as next week.

Photo courtesy PBOT

Photo courtesy PBOT

The changes to the off-ramp include wider lanes for both motor vehicle and bicycle traffic, as well as a three-foot painted buffer to give everyone a little more space.

If you’ve seen our Blueprint for World-Class Bicycling, you know a physical barrier between different types of traffic is the best way to provide guidance and improve safety and comfort for everyone on the road.

While a physical barrier would be ideal, this painted barrier is a sensible solution PBOT can implement quickly. The change will surely be welcomed by everyone who currently travels on Broadway’s sub-standard, 5-foot bicycle lanes.

Here’s more detail about the changes from PBOT’s announcement:

To improve safety for all travelers, the Portland Bureau of Transportation is transforming the 5-foot-wide southbound bicycle lane into a 10-foot buffered bicycle lane with three feet of striped pavement separating bicycles and motor traffic. To improve freight access, travel lanes in both directions will increase from 9½ feet to 11 feet, improving the turning radius for trucks at the Broadway and NW Lovejoy Street intersection.

This is big news for anyone who travels on the Broadway off-ramp, and it’s one of the first big changes coming from PBOT under Commissioner Steve Novick. In the release he said PBOT is, “pleased to announce this all around win. By restriping and transforming the lanes, which is a low-cost action, the City is improving the traffic flow and safety for all.”


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