“Yippee!” Beaverton School Wins Walk+Bike Bonus

After I broke the news to Holly all she could say was, “Yippee! Thank you! That’s awesome!”


Holly is the Walk+Bike Coordinator at Sexton Mountain Elementary in Beaverton which won a drawing for participating in the first week of the Walk+Bike Challenge. During the first couple days of May, students at Sexton Mountain made 536 active trips to school! Go Sexton Mountain!

We asked Holly to share some of her thoughts on the Challenge.

BTA: What is your favorite story from the Walk+Bike Challenge so far?


Holly: Even though it’s early on, I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see so many kids getting to school under their own power! Kids that usually get a ride are now keeping our crossing guards very busy!

BTA: Do you recommend the Challenge to other schools? Why?

Holly: Absolutely! In addition to promoting good health and earth-friendly actions, it builds community and helps facilitate an awareness in the neighborhood of child safety.

Join Holly and 130 other schools across the state as they work to make their communities better, healthier, and happier.

Sign up your school before the Walk+Bike Challenge is over!


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