Noah Kruss keeps road smooth for Wrench on Bikes

Noah Kruss, age 13, is a BTA volunteer and guest blogger. In his latest post, he tells us about his experience repairing bicycles for the Walk+Bike Safety program.

photoLast Saturday, I volunteered at Wrench on Bikes.

Wrench on Bikes is a program that repairs and restores bikes lent each month to schools as a way to teach kids about bike safety. Every couple of weeks, the bikes need to be cleaned, tuned, and tightened, so they are taken to a workshop on the Eastside for servicing.

It was really amazing seeing the event and all the volunteers operate. Rows and rows of bikes filled the shop, with only a dozen or so hardworking people fixing them. As the only kid volunteer, I was lucky enough to spend the entire four hours shadowing a cool guy named Scott who taught me how to do some minor repairs. By the second bike, I had gotten the hang of it and was confident enough to give it a go on my own.

I can’t wait to return to the next Wrench on Bikes event. Hopefully Scott will be there, but if not, I know another awesome, super talented BTA volunteer will be kind enough to show me a thing or two.

I look forward to keeping bicycle education and Wrench on Bikes rolling smoothly!

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