Celebrating Bike Month with BTA Service Stations

Upcoming Service Stations
May 16th: Metropolis Cycle Repair
May 23rd: Hawthorne Bridge
May 29th: PSU Bike Hub

Yesterday evening I left the office and rode to Universal Cycles where the Bicycle Transportation Alliance was hosting the first of four service stations scheduled throughout May.

Along with snacks from Zipcar, a little work on my bike from Universal, and some great information about mountain biking from Northwest Trail Alliance, I also had a chance to talk with the two BTA volunteers who were directing traffic into the station.

If you were like me, and were riding east along SE Ankeny yesterday evening, the first person you ran into was Christi Utz.


Christi moved to Oregon a few years ago and has been a BTA member for a year and a half. She doesn’t ride her bicycle to work, only because she works at home. She does, however, use her bicycle for errands around town and her son is a frequent rider too. She told me about how she got rid of her road bike after moving to Portland because her step-through bicycle is better equipped for short trips around town. In the long run, Christi is hoping to get a folding bike she can take with when she travels for work.


The next volunteer you might have passed was John Mardis.

John’s been a BTA member for several years and has volunteered with the BTA on a number of occasions, most often with our bicycle safety education program.

By John’s estimation, he’s been involved with our bicycle safety education program for around 6 years, which means he’s helped half a dozen graduating classes of children learn how to ride their bicycles safely and comfortably. Some of the kids he’s helped are now getting very close to being adults. They all know how to ride safely and legally because John, other volunteers, and our instructors believe kids should have the skills and access to ride their bicycle.

All the traffic passing by SE 22nd & Ankeny, and the smiles on John and Christi’s faces, got me excited for the three other service stations scheduled this month.

Thank you to Christi, John, Zipcar, Universal Cycles, and Northwest Trail Alliance for joining the BTA at yesterday’s service station!

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