Interview with Kim, parent and Walk+Bike Organizer

Kim and her son

Kim Faber is the a parent and Walk+Bike Challenge organizer at St. Paul Elementary in St. Paul, Oregon. Thanks, Kim, for all of your hard work encouraging students in St. Paul to walk and bike!

BTA: Why do you love organizing the Walk+Bike Challenge at your school?

Kim: I love it because it gets kids out to exercise. It is also fun to see the kids excited to ride their bikes to school.

What is the biggest barrier to encouraging walking and biking at your school?

We are in a small farm community,  a lot of the kids live to far out to ride or walk to school.  I have to work with those kids, to come to school 15 minutes early and walk the track.  The school has helped out that the kids can ride the bus to a certain point and walk to school with adults who help out.

Can you share a story about you walking and biking to school when you were a kid?

School was about 2 miles from my house, so if I could get a couple other friends to ride with me, my mom would let us go the long way (back roads) to school.

What makes your program unique?

We try and get most of the kids involved, either by walking the track at school (for those that live to far out) or having the kids get off the bus at the Banker’s cup and walk to school from their.  We also have drawing for prizes for the kids that participate along with healthy snacks.

Join Kim and others as they work to change the world one student at a time by registering your school for the Walk+Bike Challenge!


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