Interview with Tammy, Portland Principal

Tammy Barron is the Principal at Abernethy Elementary and has been such a wonderful supporter of her students learning bike and pedestrian safety. Thanks, Tammy, for all ofyour great energy!

I have been the principal of Abernethy for fourteen years. One of the things that I like best about Abernethy is that it is a neighborhood school, so it is easy for students to both walk and bike to school. Just that little bit of excercise in the morning helps to jump start the brain so students are ready to learn when they get to school.

I remember when I first learned to ride a two-wheeled bike. I felt so strong, powerful and competent. It gave the me courage to try other things. What I remember about that first bike was that it was purple and had both a basket and a bell. I loved to ride around the neighborhood.

The BTA program has been a great community builder for Abernethy. Parents as well as students enjoy riding their bikes to school. I think the pedestrian program is fabulous because we take so many walking field trips around both our neighborhood and the city, it serves as a safety reminder for us all. The fifth grade bike program serves to increase students’ compentence in bike riding with an emphasis on the bike safety rules. There are always a couple of students each year that learn to ride a bike for the first time with the program. That shows me the importance of building on student strengths so we are doing our part to increase safety in our community.

I love it that Abernethy students and parents ride their bikes to school each day.


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