Employees Rally to Replace Stolen Bike

Doug Phal presents a new
bicycle to Miranda Tompkins

Earlier this year a bicycle was stolen from infront of Perkins Coie, a legal consulting firm on 11th Ave near W Burnside. It belonged to Miranda Tompkins, the office’s receptionist. The bicycle was Miranda’s daily commuter and when it went missing she was, naturally, very sad and upset.

The theft was caught on tape by a security camera but the video didn’t show enough detail to lead to the thief’s capture.

Lucky for Miranda, she works in an incredibly supportive and generous office.

Following the lead of paralegal Ann Sandvig and partner Doug Pahl, attorneys and staff came together and collected enough money to replace Miranda’s lost ride with a new bicycle, even nicer than the one she lost. They also bought her a sturdy U-lock to better protect her bicycle in the future.

The bicycle was presented to Miranda as a surprise and she’s been nearly inseparable from her new ride ever since!


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  1. Will Pond Permalink  | Mar 05, 2013 02:54pm

    That is how we do it at Perkins…
    Nice commuter bike…..STOLEN.
    looking out for eachother…PRICELESS!!!