13 Things the BTA Worked On in the First 3 Months of 2013

Daylight savings time starts this weekend and it’s hard to believe it’s almost spring! It’s been an exciting few months at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and we’ve been working hard to represent our members in meaningful, practical ways.

We’ve shared a lot of what we’ve been up to here on our blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, and through our Newsletter but to celebrate the upcoming change in daylight, we thought we’d share some of the highlights of what we’ve been working on.

So, here are 13 things the BTA has worked on, so far, in 2013:

This very week the BTA’s Executive Director Rob Sadowsky and Advocacy Director Gerik Kransky were in Washington DC for the National Bike Summit to tell your legislators why Bikes Mean Business.

Oregon Active Transportation Summit in 2012
Photo by Will Vanlue/Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA

Back here in Oregon, we are talking with the Oregon State Legislature to help shape safer, saner, more balanced laws in Oregon to protect people who ride bicycles.

Also here in Oregon, we’re coordinating the Oregon Active Transportation Summitin partnership with Cycle Oregon, in April. Registration for the summit is open now. Be sure to claim your spot to join in the conversation with active transportation leaders from around the state.

Earlier this year we wrapped up gathering feedback from thousands of residents around the Portland Metro area. We’re feverishly working to compile and distill everyone’s thoughts into our updated Blueprint for Better Bicycling. The Blueprint is coming along and we can’t wait to share more about what we’ve come up with in the coming months!

The Portland Bicycle Show
and BTA BikeSwap are on
March 23rd & 24th

Our staff, Board Members, volunteers and partners – the Community Cycling Center and Pedal Nation Events – are working together to bring you the BTA BikeSwap at the Portland Bicycle Show. You can drop off your used gear over the new few weeks and then come check out all the great stuff for sale at the BTA BikeSwap on March 23rd and 24th.

We recently held open nominations for the 2013 Alice Awards. Dozens of nominations were sent in and our awards committee is currently deliberating. We’ll be announcing the winners as soon as they’ve made their decision, and you’ll want to join us on May 4th for the Alice Awards & Auction to toast the winners in person!

The BTA joined a chorus of voices – including neighborhood associations, Oregon Walks, and Lewis & Clark College – when we called for a safer Barbur Blvd. Thanks to our friends, partners, and members, we’ve never been closer to the possibility of having safe access for walking and bicycling over the Barbur bridges.

The BTA has taught 50,000 children
how to walk & ride safely

Our Walk+Bike safety education program has reached a huge milestone: we’ve taught bicycle and pedestrian safety to over 50,000 students! The innovative curriculum taught by our instructors has reached so many children, if you gathered them all together they’d be the 12th largest city in Oregon! That’s 50,000 young people on the road who know how to ride a bicycle safely.

Speaking of Bicycle Safety Education, we shared all 10 Bicycle Safety Education lessons on our blog. It’s exciting to share tools to help keep kids and their families safe when they’re traveling by bicycle.

We’re starting the Pedestrian Safety Education series on our blog, too. Already this year we’ve taught pedestrian safety classes at 37 elementary schools! Just like the Bicycle Safety Education series, we’ll be sharing the lessons we use to teach kids how to walk on our roads safely.

We launched our Volunteer mailing list to help keep our enthusiastic members and supporters engaged with the latest ways you can help build the Future City! If you want to be directly involved with our work – and earn a free BTA membership in the process – sign up for the Volunteer mailing list today.

BTA volunteers made Valentines for
people who support safe streets
Photo by Carl Larson

In February, at our First Monday Happy Hour at VeloCult, our staff & volunteers made Valentines for two groups who are helping keep people on bicycles safe and happy: the PBOT signal crew has been working for years to make sure our intersections accomodate all types of traffic, and neighbors of the new NE Multnomah bicycle lanes have been supportive of safety improvements in their neighborhood.

And last but not least, we’re sharing PDX Bike Traffic reports on Twitter to keep regular riders informed about weather conditions, road closures, and traffic jams from the central city all the way out to Helvetia. Follow @PDXBikeTraffic today to find out what’s in store for your commute, and share your own traffic alerts!

It’s hard to believe all this happened before the end of the first quarter of 2013. All of us at the BTA – staff, Board Members, volunteers, and supporters – are excited to keep working for our members and community through the rest of the year!

Roll on, Future City!


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