Happy Valentines to City Crews & NE Multnomah Neighbors!

Valentines Day is always a fun time at the BTA because it’s the day on which we surprise some folks in the Portland area who’ve helped make bicycling better.

This year, our volunteer-made valentines (nearly 60 in all) went to two groups of great people: Stakeholders on NE Multnomah Blvd, and PBOT’s Signals and Street Lighting Department.

Change can be hard but anyone who has traveled on Multnomah recently knows that this innovative and bold project is working quite well for all users. We wanted to be sure that the property owners — The Lloyd Shopping Center, for instance — realized how much we appreciate their willingness to support a bold, safer street design that goes right past their front door. If we expect more business districts to consider necessary changes like what we’ve seen on Multnomah, we need to show businesses on NE Multnomah some love and appreciation.

The other recipients of our Valentines Day love were the huge group of folks who design, install, and maintain the street lights and traffic signals in the City of Portland — everyone from the engineers in the Portland Building, to the guy in the Signals Shop on N Kerby Ave who makes sure that the magnetic loops at intersections can detect bicycles and trigger a light change.

Careful signal design and installation makes a big difference, especially for people walking and bicycling. You owe these people thanks ever time you ride downtown and hit every single green light.

Our volunteers made sure the Valentines were personal. This one went to a guy who builds life-saving rapid flash beacons:

Big thanks to NE Multnomah Stakeholders and PBOT’s Signals and Street Lighting crews. We appreciate your work. Happy Valentines Day!

Special thanks to Ross Swanson who delivered the Signals team Valentines to the Portland Building. Ross, coincidentally, was the project manager for the NE Multnomah Pilot Project. Thanks Ross!


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