Bike Safety Education Series: Lesson 9 – Avoiding Hazards!

This is part 9 in a series of Safe Routes for Kids Curriculum blog posts.

Lesson 9 – Hazards

Timing: 15 minutes in class, 40 – 45 minutes on bikes

Techniques: Use think, pair, share for the most in-class involvement; Use the team oath for outside classroom management (see Lesson 3). Use Hazards Overhead.

Before class:  Set up drill on low-traffic street.

  1. Review Lesson 8.
  2. Discuss road hazards and how to avoid them with the “road hazards” overhead.
    • Avoid a hazard by looking over your shoulder for traffic, signaling left and moving to position 2 (“shoulder check, signal left, move to position 2!”).
  3. Review Team Oath (see Lesson 3).
  4. Go outside. Pass out bikes. Do Bike Safety Check and Personal Safety Check (see Lesson 3).
  5. Conduct drill on low-traffic intersection. Use this day to review any skill that the students need to practice. Most likely it will be the Right of Way Drill (see Lesson 8 for instructions).  Also do a short ride if you have time. Follow on street protocol*.
  6. Remind kids to dress appropriately and to invite parents to the community ride tomorrow.

*On street protocol means there is an adult stationed at each intersection where the group does not have the right of way, helping students make safe choices (not stopping traffic).

This is a brief overview of one lesson in the Safe Routes for Kids Curriculum as taught by BTA educators at schools in Portland Public, David Douglas, and Parkrose School Districts.

This curriculum is also used to teach 4th-7th graders across the state by partners in Eugene, Ashland, Albany, Corvallis, Klamath Falls and Bend!



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