Tell Milwaukie City Council to Make Monroe a Priority

Milwaukie City Council is meeting next Tuesday, January 22nd for their annual “goal setting” work session. Last year they chose nine goals including tasks related to light rail, parks, library expansion, and economic development opportunities.

This year, a Bike Boulevard on SE Monroe Street should be on that list.

Running parallel to busy SE King Street, Monroe is a quiet, direct east-west alternative. It is already a popular route among bicyclists but, with a little work, it could be world class bike boulevard in league with Portland’s best, perhaps even better thanks to its directness and quiet charm.

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Now is the time to ensure this route is a priority. In fact, it already is. In the 2007 Transportation System Plan, “Milwaukie Bike Boulevard” is listed as a “High-Priority” on their list of top transportation priorities citywide.

The Transportation System Plan represents hundreds of volunteer hours and a substantial investment of city resources. The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is encouraging the Milwaukie City Council to recognize that and make a Monroe Bike Boulevard one of their 2013 goals. The bicycling public should do the same.

The BTA, and Bike Milwaukie a volunteer-based Milwaukie bike group, recommends you take this opportunity to advocate for Monroe.

  1. Attend Tuesday’s meeting and speak up. (5pm, Tuesday, January 22nd, Milwaukie City Hall, 10722 SE Main St, Milwaukie)
  2. Email Milwaukie City Council at (and BCC me, Carl, at

Why should the Milwaukie City Council make Monroe a priority?

The Monroe Street Bike Boulevard is a top transportation priority for the city of Milwaukie.
The 2007 Transportation System Plan lists Monroe as one of the city’s highest transportation project priorities. (See TSP Appendix B).

A Bike Boulevard on Monroe is affordable.
The average price for Milwaukie’s 27 “High-Priority” transportation projects is over $3.5 million but the Monroe project is estimated to cost just $300,000. (See TSP Appendix B)

Existing conditions are not for everyone.
The bike lanes on SE King St. work well for confident bicyclists but families and children need a safer, lower-traffic solution.

Bike Boulevards make neighborhoods more desirable.
Residents, even those who never walk or ride bicycles, find living on a street without fast-moving motor vehicle cut-through traffic makes for a quieter, more pleasant neighborhood.

Kids need to get to school.
Over 1000 students must travel to Milwaukie High School and Milwaukie Elementary every day. Monroe Bike Boulevard would provide them with a safe, healthy way to get to their schools while reducing the number of cars clogging Milwaukie’s streets before and after school.

This project provides much-needed transportation options.
Monroe runs along the top of Milwaukie’s largest transit-disadvantaged neighborhood — a neighborhood in which all transit stops are over 1/4 mile away. (See TSP figure 3-17)

Downtown Milwaukie and Clackamas Town Center Transit Center are important mass transit hubs.
The Monroe Bike Boulevard connects Milwaukie’s workforce quickly and safely to both.

Downtown Milwaukie is soon to be a bicycling destination.
When the 17th Ave. Bikeway (connecting to the Springwater Corridor) and the Trolley Trail (connecting to Oregon City) open, many Portland and Oregon City residents will have better walking and biking connections to downtown Milwaukie than Milwaukie residents living east of downtown. Monroe Bike Boulevard would provide that connection.

What experiences have you had that illustrate one of these points? Bring your personal story to the meeting on Tuesday, January 22nd or send it to City Council in an email.

Milwaukie deserves a world-class bicycle boulevard.



Comments (3)

  1. Mandy Zelinka Permalink  | Jan 18, 2013 05:10pm

    Yay! Thanks Carl!
    BTW – I have all of your goods from the ride at work. @MilwaukieRules!

  2. M. Susan Dean Permalink  | Jan 19, 2013 10:28am

    Fortunately, the Monroe Street Bike Boulevard has been determined to be a top priority for the City of Milwaukie. In addition, it’s an affordable upgrade. This bikeway will provide a quiet street for the local residents while giving the children of the neighborhood a way to travel safely to school and thus help to combat the obesity epidemic. It will also avail bike riding to families who are risk averse and thus not willing to ride along King.

    I have several friends who live in Milwaukie and am excited about the creation of a bikeway that competes with some of the bikeways in Portland. The 17th Bikeway and the Trolley Trail are now destination points for cyclists. This brings money and familiarity to the City. Way to go!

  3. Chris Ortolano Permalink  | Jan 19, 2013 04:25pm

    Thanks for this great organizing tool which I used to craft my comments and submit to Milwuakie City Council. I am interested in learning more about the BTA’s organizing efforts in Milwaukie. You are helping us to define our future.