Safety Vigil Planned for December 20th

Early Tuesday morning a person driving a truck through the intersection of SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and Shattuck Road struck and killed twenty-seven year-old Mara Rosanne Forsythe-Crane.

The Hayhurst Neighborhood Association is organizing a vigil scheduled for Thursday, December 20th from 5pm – 6pm. Janet Hawkins, Chair of the Hayhurst Neighborhood Association explained in an email that there are three goals for the vigil:

First, we wish to honor the memory of young woman who lost her life in our neighborhood. Second, we want to remind all drivers that pedestrians and bicyclists are present at all times of the year, day and night. This means that drivers should use extra caution at intersections, especially during the stormy and dark Oregon winter. Finally, we wish to encourage the City of Portland to expand and expedite planning for pedestrian safety and bike access in SW Portland.

The intersection where Mara Rosanne Forsythe-Crane was struck and killed on December 18th.

Anyone who travels through this area is aware of how dangerous it can be, especially when someone on foot or on a bike needs to cross the street. Here’s more from Chair Hawkins:

The Hayhurst Neighborhood Association and other SW Portland neighborhood associations adjacent to Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway have had safety concerns for many years. [Beaverton-Hillsdale] Highway has very few safe crossing areas. While the posted speed is 40 MPH, many drivers drive much faster. We want to draw attention to the need for greater pedestrian and bike safety along the [Beaverton-Hillsdale] Highway corridor through SW Portland.

People looking to attend the vigil are asked to meet in the Muchas Gracias restaurant parking lot on the southeast corner of SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and Shattuck Road at 5pm on Thursday, December 20th. You can contact Janet Hawkins, Chair of the Hayhurst Neighborhood Association, at (503) 244-7703 or janetchawkins[at]msn[dot]com.


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