New Years Day Ride Goes to Clackamas

Just like last year on New Years Day, we’re meeting at noon under the west end of the Morrison Bridge.*

Just like last year, there will be warm drinks and cookies at our final destination.

And just like last year, we’ve arranged for terrific weather.

But this year, the 2013 BTA New Years Day Ride is going to Clackamas County!

Here’s the deal: last weekend, Bike Gallery opened a new location on 82nd Ave and they generously offered to host the New Years Day Ride endpoint.

To get there, we could take the Springwater Corridor or leave our bikes under the bridge and pile on to a Green Line MAX train, as both pass very close to our destination, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, we’ll pass through Milwaukie and talk about the exciting changes afoot there.

Mostly, though, we’ll be riding bikes, chatting, and looking forward to the snacks at the end.

The ride is just under 12 miles. We won’t be leading a ride back to the startpont, but as I mentioned earlier, the endpoint is spitting distance (technical term) from the Fuller Rd. MAX stop, where you can catch a train back to downtown, and from the Springwater Corridor Trail.

*UPDATE: Mid-point meetup option announced! Meet us in Milwaukie.

See you in 2013!

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