A Toast to Trophy Repurposing

The theme of this evening’s BTA Happy Hour is a “Toast to Team Captains.”  The following testimonial is one of the many great stories we heard during this year’s Bike Commute Challenge.  The following words are from a teammate of Brian Maloney of the Meyer Memorial Trust team.

“Brian has been planning for this year’s Bike Commute Challenge since last year. He is instrumental in setting up and keeping clean our bike storage room, and helping with bike storage accommodations for overflow days. He has taken our extremely small budget and stretched it to hand out prizes to as many of our riders as possible via a raffle which he does each week. He arranged a lunch presentation with a BTA spokesperson to get us fired up, and has been managing challenges from the many other foundations and nonprofits who were eager to take us on. He’s been monitoring our mileage logs and encouraging everyone to bike more or even to just bike once, to be part of the team. He’s been stocking up on trophies found at thrift stores, cleaning them and repurposing them to hand out to the winners of our challenges at the event that he’s planning in early October. Most impressively, he picked up a few trophies on his bike on the way into work, and rode in with sharp edges poking into his back and strange forms jutting out of his backpack. In between answering phones and helping us with our IT needs, he’s creating new labels and making up hilarious award names to amuse us when he presents the trophies to the winners. Brian is awesome!”


Join us tonight, Monday, December 3, 5-7 pm at Velocult to eat tacos and raise a glass to our fabulous team captains, and put your head together with other BTA friends and members to talk about how we can best encourage bike commuting throughout the year.


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  1. Wendy Wheeler Permalink  | Dec 04, 2012 03:55pm

    Way to go Brian!
    It’s funny how the small artistic touches make such a big difference.
    I am inspired to start planning for the next challenge with a few juicy thrift store finds. 🙂