Gresham teachers are ready to teach bike safety education!

The Walk+Bike Jump Start pilot program is off and running! Or should I say, “off and riding“? 

I just completed two trainings with Gresham-Barlow School District teachers. We focused on implementing a 10-hour bicycle safety education program using the Safe Routes for Kids Curriculum.

Course content included equipment basics, simple bicycle maintenance, rules of the road, and on-the-bicycle training.

Thanks to Mike Mann, Mark Adamski, Kristen Warren, Sam Mershon, Christine Bierman, and Kate Dreyfus for participating and generally being awesome!

By the end of the training, Educators…

  • …are familiar with the Safe Routes for Kids curriculum and learn how to teach the in-class and on-street portions in schools.
  • …learn and demonstrate bike safety and pedestrian safety expertise, navigating safely and legally with traffic.
  • …learn and demonstrate basic bike maintenance skills and be able to identify and use basic maintenance tools.

The goal of the Jump Start program is for teachers to use materials provided by the BTA (36 bikes, 100 helmets, a 20 ft trailer, and tools) and teach students the Safe Routes for Kids Curriculum.

Using this curriculum, students will learn how to explain traffic rules and regulations that pertain to people on bikes. Students will be able to demonstrate this behavior on a bicycle including traveling in the proper direction and location, turning and yielding through intersections.

Students will also demonstrate the ability to work in a team setting, communicating with team members, as well as build self-esteem and general assertiveness. They will discuss the most common cause for crashes, identify riding hazards and demonstrate an understanding of hazards avoidance maneuvers on a bicycle.

Finally, students will properly fit a bicycle helmet on their head and recognize the symptoms of improper fit.

Can you imaging every student in Oregon demonstrating these skills? We can!

If you are interested in being the recipient of the free Walk+Bike Jump Start program for the 2013-2014 school year. Apply now!


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