Giving Thanks to our Bike Commute Challenge Sponsors

As we gear up to toast the Bike Commute Challenge Team Captains on December 3rd, we also want to thank a couple teams that went above and beyond this year.

The team from Grand Central Baking had lots fun participating in the challenge.  They were able to attract a solid group of new riders and raised $3,300.

This is the third year in a row that Grand Central has committed $0.50 per mile ridden by employees to supporting the Bike Commute Challenge. It’s a great way to recognize their employees involvement, gain some recognition for the company and ensure that the Challenge continues as the high quality, community event you all love.

Ecova, a sustainability management firm which has organized a Bike Commute Challenge team for the last eight years, decided to ride again this year in order to, “‘walk our talk’ (reduce our transportation/carbon footprint), show company pride, foster friendly competition, reward seasoned riders, and help employees rediscover the pure joy of riding a bike!

The team from Ecova took the Challenge seriously and made sure everyone who wanted to ride was equipped:

“With the provocative theme of ‘Polar Bears are Epic,’ Ecova’s 2012 BCC kicked off with the distribution of ‘Bike Pledges’ to all interested employees, as well as helmets and bike lights to any employee that needed them. Ecova’s spirited BCC Captains held several workshops throughout the month to encourage employee participation and drive momentum.”

Team members went so far as to help someone find a bike to ride to work, which also gave neighbors an oportunity to commute together:

“One employee didn’t even own a bike, but that didn’t deter her co-workers from encouraging her to participate! As a result, one generous employee lent her a bike and she was off ―and as luck would have it, the two were neighbors, making it easy for her to have an escort to and from work.”

The bike loan paid off and one of Ecova’s newest bike commuters is now looking forward to staying in the saddle this winter:

“…as an enthusiastic new rider, she was awarded a one-year membership to the BTA ― her appreciation is evident by her response at the end of the challenge: ‘Thank you all so much for the support for the Bike Challenge, including this awesome surprise. I look forward to shopping for a new bike this winter!'”

Along with all the fun had by Ecova’s employees, the team was able to raise $3,750 for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. You can read more about Team Ecova in their article, Ecova Rocks the Bike Commute Challenge.

We want to thank Grand Central Baking, Ecova, and all the other companies who sponsored and participated in the Bike Commute Challenge. Their work and support helps us build on the success of the Challenge, making bike commuting possible for thousands of new riders each year.


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