Bike Safety Education Series: Lesson 3 – Fitting Bikes to Kids

This is the third lesson in our Safe Routes for Kids Curriculum Series.

Lesson 3 –  Parts of a bike and bike fitting

Timing: 15 minutes in class, 40 – 45 minutes on bikes

Techniques: Think, pair, share, team oath overhead

Before class: Scope out playground for a good area to do drills. If playground space is an issue consider using the perimeter of the playground or a parking lot.

1)    Introduce the Team Oath: Always wear and respect your helmet; Always ride single file with ghost space (leave enough space between you and the rider in front of you that an imaginary rider could fit there); Always follow all laws; Save tricks for the park; Always show respect.

2)    Cover Bicycle Laws and rules of the road.

  • Highlight riding on the right side of the street, obey traffic signs, using hand signals or verbal signals, yield to pedestrians.

3)    Talk about braking using the front and rear brake and introduce shifting.

4)    Demonstrate the Personal Safety Check (PSC)

  • Check that your helmet is fit properly.
  • Roll up right pant leg to avoid the chain.
  • Tie your shoes.
  • Attitude check!

5)    Line class up by height and go out to the bikes.

6)    Pass out bikes: If you organize the bikes and students by size you can quickly pass out the bikes and fit almost every one correctly on the first try.

7)    Demonstrate the Bike Safety Check (BSC)

  • Check the air in your tires
  • Squeeze both brakes. Push your bike back and forward to make sure brakes are working.
  • Make sure your chain is on the cogs.
  • Check that your seat height is about at your pocket level.
  • Check your quick releases (if applicable) to make sure they are closed.

8)    Conduct drill on playground:  Follow the leader with “pass it back”.  Yell back instructions like “try using your brakes” , “now try shifting”, “try looking back over your shoulder”, “try doing your right turn signal”, etc.

This is a brief overview of one lesson in the Safe Routes for Kids Curriculum as taught by The Street Trust educators at schools in Portland Public, David Douglas, and Parkrose School Districts.

This curriculum is also used to teach 4th-7th graders across the state by partners in Eugene, Ashland, Albany, Corvallis, Klamath Falls and Bend!



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