A Toast to Bike Commute Challenge Team Captains

Every year during the BTA’s Bike Commute Challenge we hear wonderful, inspiring stories of team captains promoting bike commuting and supporting new and aspiring riders at their workplaces.  It’s fun to hear how deeply their efforts are appreciated by their coworkers.

That’s why we’re toasting our fabulous team captains at the next First Monday Happy Hour at Velocult on December 3rd. We also want to know how we can support advocates in their workplaces beyond the annual Challenge in September.

Each year we recognize one team captain as the Brad Buchanan Team Captain of the Year. This year’s winner was Paula Funatake of the NWEA.

Team Captain of the Year, Paula Funatake with BTA Executive Director Rob Sadowsky

For this year’s Challenge, Paula tracked all of her coworkers’ rides, including their elevation gain, to determine weekly “stage” winners and overall Challenge winners. She designed jerseys for the winners of each category of their workplace competition.  She created posters to track the progress of their competition and recognized everyone with a 100% commute rate.

She also facilitated weekly drawings for everyone who logged at least one trip, helped numerous coworkers with bike maintenance, and got the fiscal support of her company’s green team for their Challenge activities.

We’re not the only ones who appreciated Paula’s hard work. Her coworkers were excited to tell us how she inspired them during the Challenge.

“Paula is a master bike mechanic.”

“Paula is a quiet inspiration to us..always willing to chat about bikes and commuting, but never being pushy about it.”

“Paula is a superstar!”

“I can’t imagine a team captain more deserving of the award than Paula.”

We love hearing stories, like Paula’s, about what’s happening at different workplaces to support bike commuting.

We hope you can join us at the First Monday Happy Hour at Velocult on December 3rd to toast Paula and our other fabulous team captains, and give us input on how the BTA can best support the efforts of workplace advocates beyond the September Challenge.



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