Bikes, Not Blockades

Photo: Morrie Erickson

In 2004, The Eastmoreland Racquet Club closed an important connection between the Springwater Corridor and the Eastmoreland neighborhood. 8 years later, the Springwater is busier than ever and, thanks to the 2006 completion of the Three Bridges Project, provides a safe and valuable link to Sellwood and Downtown Portland from points east.

Earlier this week BikePortland reported that The Eastmoreland Racquet Club has once again closed neighborhood access to the trail.

Until we hear more details about what, exactly, has brought about this change, our stance on use of this trail is the same: keep it open. Here is what then-BTA Advocate Jessica Roberts had to say in a letter to the Willamette Week back in 2004:


We at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance are dismayed that an important connecting route to the Springwater Corridor is being closed by a private property owner (“Losing Our Connection,” WW, Aug. 11, 2004). More and more Portlanders are biking for fun, exercise and transportation. In fact, local cyclists tell us that the Springwater Corridor is hands-down their favorite place to ride a bike in Portland. That’s especially true now that the Esplanade and the OMSI/Sellwood trail have given residents access to the east bank of the Willamette River.

Improvements already in progress will extend the Springwater Corridor west across McLoughlin Boulevard. However, severing access to the trail hurts all of us. It’s especially bad for children and families, who might not be comfortable taking the proposed on-road detour. I urge city staff and the property owner to find a better solution than closing the path.

Jessica Roberts
Metro-area Advocate, Bicycle Transportation Alliance

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  1. borgbike Permalink  | Oct 12, 2012 09:57am

    I’d like to hear more on the actually legal issue of their being a public access easement here. It is true? If there is a legal public right-of-way then do we need to “to take a position” on the issue. If the public has a legal right-of-way then the path simply needs to be reopened.