Bike Commute Challenge: Farewell from BCC Coordinator

Editor’s note: This year Elizabeth Quiroz served as the Coordinator for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s Bike Commute Challenge. She was a great addition to our staff over the past few months. We here at the BTA wish Elizabeth all the best. Below she shares some of her thoughts after wrapping up another fun and rewarding Challenge.

I’m Proud to say the Bike Commute Challenge was a total success. The other week at our awards party we celebrated 1.25 million miles logged and about 12,000 riders who participated this September. 

The Bike Commute Challenge was not only a fun, work-to-work rivalry, but it served as an inspiration for many to be physically active and it got folks who never rode a bike to hit the road for the first time. 

One of my favorite experiences as the Bike Commute Challenge Coordinator was hearing all the great stories of individuals getting on their bikes for the first time and staying physically active past September.

As a public health professional, I was very pleased to see the impact the Bike Commute Challenge has on our community. Folks who had never ridden a bike were now logging 13 miles to works and more. A few expressed the impact it had made on their overall health and well-being. That’s some exciting news, I would say!

Now that I transition out of my role as the Bike Commute Challenge coordinator, I’m excited for what’s in store next. I have learned a lot from the BTA while working hard to make biking safe, convenient, and accessible in our communities. I take with me this experience as a positive one and will share with others the great benefits biking has and what others can do to support active transportation.

Kudos to the BTA for such an exciting program that gets people involved and physically active, and to all the Team Captains that have been the biggest supporters and have really made the Bike Commute Challenge fun for all.

Roll on!



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  1. Paula Funatake Permalink  | Oct 23, 2012 08:45am

    All the best to you!!!!!