Your Turn to Visualize a World Class Bike Network! Take a Survey for the Blueprint for Better Biking

Picture the safest, most accessible, and most forward-thinking bicycle oriented transportation system in the world.

Now imagine yourself in it, doing the things you normally do every day. When you go to work, what type of street do you take? How do your kids get to school? Think about going to the park with your family, talking a walk with your parents, going grocery shopping. What would it take to transform the neighborhood you live in, to make it truly world class for bikes?

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance needs you to tell us your priorities for building a world class network of bicycle facilities in the Portland Metropolitan region.

The survey takes less than ten minutes, and your input will inform our advocacy efforts for the next few years.

By taking the survey, you will help the BTA create a roadmap for building a world class bike network — a curated list of specific projects and criteria that represents the collective priorities and needs of our community.  The Blueprint will serve as a guiding document for community members, policy makers, and elected officials who seek to transform transportation in Portland and the tri-county region.


Of the 40 projects identified in the BTA’s 2005 Blueprint for Better Biking, 31 are in progress or completed.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance believes bicycling can change our communities. We will use bicycles as a tool to create increased health and wealth of our citizens. This project will build a transportation system that focuses on moving people, not cars. We will build the first world-class bicycle network in North America.

What is a world class bike network?

A world-class bike network will connect our neighborhoods to town centers and help people meet their daily needs by bike. Investing in a world-class bike network is a smart way to use public resources: bike facilities cost less to build and less to maintain, moving more people per dollar and helping people save on the costs of owning and maintaining a car. When more people ride bikes, we burn less gasoline and more calories – a triple bottom line benefit when evaluated against traditional investments in automobile infrastructure.

The blueprint project will define a world-class bike network with the highest standards, and communicate its benefits to the region. Our goals are to both describe exactly what types of projects we need and organize the support and funding required to build those projects.

Currently, there are thousands of competing bicycle projects from the twenty six municipalities across the Portland metropolitan region. There is not enough funding to build even a fraction of these projects.

There is very little funding for bicycle projects at the local level. Federal and state funding programs are woefully oversubscribed. Without a comprehensive vision for a regional world-class network, these projects are little more than lists of good intentions that remain unfunded to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. We must compile the lists and prioritize top-tier projects to make sure limited bicycle funding is used to maximum positive effect.

So click here to tell us which projects are the most important:

Thanks for your participation!

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    Thanks for putting this out there!
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