National Bike Month: A Glossary and A Guide

Celebrating National Bike Month is like locking your bike to an art rack with one spot left in the middle. You could just keep walking until you find the next empty staple rack, or you could stop at the art rack, scope it out, tilt your handlebars a little, go back wheel first, and find a snazzy new seat cover when you come back to unlock it.

That’s what PDX Bike Month is all about. The calendar is packed with events to welcome new riders, welcome back our fair-weather friends, and cheer on the growing numbers of folks who ride year-round, rain or shine. And with a little planning, you can take advantage of more bike fun than you ever thought possible.

It’s Bike Month! Photo: PDX Bike Month

To help, we’ve come up with a guide to help you fit more bike fun in your regular daily schedule. We’ve also provided a glossary of important terms, which will come in handy throughout the summer.


Find the full calendar of events online and on Google Calendar.

Morning: Hop on your bike and stop at a Bike Breakfast on your way to school or work.
Afternoon: Swing by a BTA Bike Service Station and grab a free snack and get your bike adjusted by a mechanic.
Weekends: Volunteer at one of the activities, sign up for a class, or come to a ride.
At work: Ask your employer to host an event, or organize one yourself.
At school: Challenge kids and families to take the Walk+Bike to School Challenge
Online: Spread the word about Portland events via Twitter (@PDXBikeMonth) and Facebook (“PDX Bike Month“).


 Indicates a volunteer opportunity. Volunteers, sign up here.

@PDXBikeMonth: The official Twitter feed for Bike to Work Month events, news, and updates.

Bike Breakfast: A mobile breakfast station just for people on bikes. Check the calendar to find out when the bike breakfast is coming to your neighborhood.

 BTA Courtesy Action: A “Burma Shave”-style campaign to remind our fellow cyclists to use their bells and signals on our regions paths, bridges and bike lanes. As the weather warms there will be ever more new cyclists on the road, let’s make them feel safe and welcome.

 BTA Service Station: The BTA’s pop-up membership and information station with light bike service, a snack and a simple act to make biking better in the Portland Metro area.

May 18: National Bike to Work Day.

 Ride with Kids!: It’s that time of year when our education team is working overtime to ensure that our areas 4th & 5th graders are safe, predictable cyclists. Lend them a hand and ride along on their weekly graduation community bike rides. Various times and locations, more details available. Sign up to volunteer.

Sunday Parkways: A whole day once every month from May to September when Portlanders bike, walk, rollerblade, skate, scoot, or skip their way along a six to eight mile stretch of open neighborhood streets. Along the way, there are food carts, activity stations, live music, community organization booths, and tons more. Learn more at

Walk+Bike Challenge Month: A friendly competition where kids and families challenge each other to walk and bike to school. Schools keep track of their trips online. Parents organize bike trains, walking school buses, and other celebrations. Of course, there are prizes! Learn more at

Volunteering: A great way to get in on the fun and meet other people who love riding bikes!

Your Bike Month Hosts: Bicycle Transportation Alliance, PBOT Transportation Options, Regence Oregon, OHSU, Go By Bike shop, EPAPbike, Cyclofemme PDX, PSU Bike Hub, Shift/Breakfast on the Bridges, along with many others.



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