And the 2012 Alice Award Winners Are…

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is honored to announce the 2012 Alice Award winners. From a group of talented and deserving nominees, the four award winners chosen this year have demonstrated outstanding achievements and dedication to building the future Oregon where bicycling is safe, convenient, and fun. And the winners are…

Gail Achterman
Bud Clark Award Winner

gail achterman

The future Oregon that Gail Achterman helped build is something we can all be proud of. Gail was a pioneer for women in natural resources and transportation. During her four-decade career as a lawyer, policy expert, and chair of the Oregon Transportation Commission, Gail was a champion for biking and walking, guiding the OTC to direct 100% of Flexible Funds to non-highway projects.

“It is incredibly rare for a chairperson of a state transportation commission would have such a clear vision for mobility. She possessed a rare talent for building consensus, cutting through nonsense, and building solid policy that we will all benefit from. My last experience with Gail was when she received an achievement award from the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition. This was one of the most touching moments in my transportation experience. She was fighting for balanced transportation even as she was fighting her cancer,” said Rob Sadowsky, executive director of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

John Landolfe and Brett Dodson
Oregon Health Sciences University Bike Program

Alice Award Winner

In the last two years, John Landolfe and Brett Dodson have brought the bike program at OHSU into the regional and national spotlight. From instituting an online bike incentive program, to providing bike valet services, to earning gold Bike-Friendly Business status from the League of American Bicyclists, they have raised the bar in the bike community. With over 2,000 registered bicyclists participating in the bike program, OHSU is a leader in promoing healthy, sustainable transportation options for employees.

Efforts to promote and support biking at OHSU include a financial incentive program to encourage bicycling, availability of secure bike parking facilities, extensive bike parking at the Portland Aerial Tram, an interactive Web site where bicyclists can track their mileage and progress, free valet bike parking for bike commuters, a seasonal bike repair shop at the foot of the Portland Aerial Tram, bicyclist resources, including a program liaison, maps, shower access, free bike tubes and tools, events, workshops and prizes.

The von Borg Family: Hillsboro’s Cycling Seven

Alice Award Winner

Photo by Casey Parks/The Oregonian

This Hillsboro family of seven is shaping the future of Washington County and transforming attitudes about who can ride a bike. Motivated by their desire to be better environmental and community stewards with fewer living expenses, the von Borgs switched from minivan to carfree lifestyle in January 2011. Since then, their commitment to living a mindful, carfree lifestyle has only deepened. Residing in Hillsboro with five active children, one dad with physical disabilities, and a mom working part-time, they traded off 4 wheels for 14 with refurbished bikes, repairs, rebuilding assistance, and helmets from WashCo BTC.

Cycles are the family’s primary means of transportation, supplemented by walking and mass transit. Their refreshed outlook on life from outside the automobile has provided them with a broader understanding of the impacts of our car based culture and economy, as well as a clearer vision of human-powered transportation as the new standard in our communities.

Will Vanlue

Emerging Leader Award Winner

Photo by Will Vanlue

Will Vanlue has been instrumental in helping promote walking and biking issues in Washington County. A rising star of active transportation advocacy, Will is working every day to create a Washington County where families like the von Borgs feel safe and confident riding bikes.

As a Tigard resident who rides EVERYWHERE, Will has an intimate knowledge of just how dangerous bicycling in Washington County is, but he also understands just how good it can be. He’s using his time, energy and passion to move forward a vision of a safe, healthy and accessible Washington County for people walking and biking. He volunteers with both the BTA and Willamette Pedestrian Coalition, writes about Washington County issues for, sits on the Washington County Transportation System Plan update Citizen Advisory Committee, organizes and promotes bike fun events, and runs the blog “The Prudent Cyclist.” Will is a key citizen advocate and is instrumental to making bicycling safe and accessible in Washington County.
Celebrate the winners at the Alice Awards + Auction on May 5

Join us on May 5 to celebrate the award winners and raise money to support the BTA’s work to build the future of biking in Oregon.

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