Gresham School District and BTA to Pilot First Walk+Bike Jump Start Program in September 2012

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

Imagine that you want to effectively teach math, and you have two options. One: you can hire mathematicians to visit your school and teach your students for only a limited amount of time. Two: the mathematicians can train your teachers, and the teachers can then connect with the students on an ongoing basis. You can imagine that the second option leads to a more sustainable learning model, and more consistent experiences for the students.

The BTA wants to empower school districts to provide students with bike and pedestrian safety education, and make these programs more sustainable for districts to offer. So, we examined how to best integrate the Safe Routes for Kids program into the district’s core curriculum. What if we trained the teachers to teach lessons, maintain fleets of bikes, fit helmets, build parent support, and recruit volunteers?

Bike Safety!

Watch a video from one of our Bike Safety Education classes.

That’s the idea behind the BTA’s new Walk+Bike Education Jump Start Program. We are excited to announce that we will partner with Gresham School District to pilot the first Jump Start program in September 2012. We are thankful for support from Juan Young Trust, Intel, Sugar Wheel Works, Wheelz, teachers and students, principals at Dexter McCarty and Clear Creek, and the Gresham School District.

We will need help from volunteers to move forward on this exciting project. Volunteer projects include:

– Assemble the bikes
– Converting the covered trailer to a bike/tools/helmet carrying dream boat

If you are interested in helping with these tasks, please contact


Comments (4)

  1. Christine Bierman Permalink  | Dec 12, 2011 04:02am

    I teach in Gresham, plus I’m a BTA member and bike commuter. I am delighted to see this opportunity ahead for our students.

  2. Frank Stevens Permalink  | Feb 17, 2012 07:46am

    Interested in helping out with such a great program! live in troutdale so close to home. Let em know how I can help out and fit into my scedule. Frank

  3. Nancy Permalink  | Mar 16, 2012 08:42pm

    Wow – what a wonderful program. I’m proud to be part of this educational aspect of these kids lives. They really beam when they ride! Ride on, Nancy


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