Green Drop Garage Offers Half-Off Eco Friendly Oil Change and $10 to Benefit BTA


Between November 9 and November 16, Portland-based Green Drop Auto Garage is offering a half-off deal for its eco-friendly oil change service (typically $40) and will donate $10 of every purchase to a local nonprofit.

For every half-off ($20) eco-friendly oil change sold online, Green Drop Garage will contribute $10 to one of three causes: Pixie Project, Bicycle Transportation Alliance, and Ways to Work. The cause will be chosen by the buyer at the time of purchase.

Green Drop Garage is a full-service, ‘eco-friendly’ auto repair shop committed to quality, ‘eco-conscious auto repair’ and customizations. The auto shop is known for their bio-diesel conversions, enabling car owners to bypass gas. They also use high quality re-refined motor oil for oil changes (It uses 85% less energy to produce than conventional motor oil). And, best of all: they offer loaner bikes while your car’s being serviced. They’ll even bike to your house to pick up your car and drive it their shop themselves to save you a trip.

Green Drop Garage is located at 1417 SE 9th Avenue in Portland.


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