Ashland Corrals Bike Parking

A brand new bike parking corral has come to downtown Ashland.  Sitting in front of Standing Stone Brewery and Restaurant, the corral can safely handle 12 bicycles – all in just one car parking space.

Lo Campbell, a resident of Ashland, says the new bike parking is fantastic.  “I wish we had more,” she says.  Campbell didn’t enjoy going downtown because it was hard to find car parking and bike parking that was secure.  But with the new bike corral she has an easy, reliable option.

The new corral sticks out on the busy street in the middle of downtown among all of the car parking spaces.  “It promotes bicycle awareness just by being there,” Campbell says.  She already thinks biking downtown is a pleasant experience and the corral makes it even easier and encourages her to do it more.

Congratulations to Standing Stone Brewery and the City of Ashland for building such a great corral.  Have you used the corrals yet?  Tell us what you like about them in the comments.  And don’t forget to tell City Council and Standing Stone how much you appreciate it.

Hopefully we will see more exciting bicycle infrastructure popping up in Ashland.

The new bike corral going to work in front of Standing Stone Brewery in downtown Ashland

The new bike corral going to work in front of Standing Stone Brewery in downtown Ashland

Well we don’t have to wait for new infrastructure, just more great stuff from Standing Stone.  The bikes in the picture above are all blue because they are part of Standing Stone Brewery’s employee bicycle share program.  Does it get any better?


Comments (3)

  1. Dan Permalink  | Jan 24, 2010 07:29pm

    Haven’t used ’em, btu love ’em anyway. (Do they have a lot lot of blue bikes in Ashland?)

  2. Kat Permalink  | Jan 25, 2010 11:51am

    Standing Stone also used the Oregon Business Energy Tax Credit to purchase bikes (blue Kona Dews) from a local bike shop, Ashland Bicycle Works, for a number of their employees.
    Rogue Creamery in Central Point has done the same!!

  3. Ginger Permalink  | Jan 27, 2010 06:55am

    What an enlightened way to connect with the earth, customers, community and employees – all in one fell swoop! Cheers to SSBC and the supporting parties. And remember beer has great Vitamin B – so bike to the brewpub, enjoy a half/pint and celebrate Ashland.