Share the Road Plates Signed into Law

Signing the Share the Road Plate bill

Girl with Misadjusted Helmet

Last Friday I was honored to join our partners at Cycle Oregon, relatives of Jane Higdon, and Senator Prozanksi and Representative Read at a signing ceremony for SB 789, Oregon’s Share the Road License Plate bill.

Sen. Floyd Prozanski, one of our most dedicated legislator-bicyclists, was the force behind the bill. Before signing the bill, Governor Kulongoski joked Floyd should make sure his bitterest enemy chairs the group that designs the plate. That sort of design-by-committee process gave the Governor a headache during the process to design the Oregon quarter.

Bill Supporters Discuss DesignsThe plate will be designed by ODOT (probably DMV) in consultation with Cycle Oregon and the BTA. We hope to make it a good one! (View other states’ designs in the right-column on this link)

Unlike some other states, and other Oregon specialty plates, the add-on fee for the plate will be minor, $5 per year ($10 per two-year registration period). Hopefully that will inspire many people to purchase them! Proceeds will be split by the BTA and CO.
Ted PenPic: One of four pens used to sign the bill into law. New laws go into effect January 1st, 2008, and so it will be a while — probably 2009 — before you’re able to buy such a plate.

The bill’s text.

Thanks to Floyd, Tobias, the Governor, Cycle Oregon, and all of you who’ve worked so hard on this issue over the years!


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