Representative Read expresses his support in the Oregonian

If you’ve been watching, the Oregonian has been printing a host of letters on cycling safety and HB 3314. Today the Oregonian printed a letter from Rep. Tobias Read, the House member that is carrying HB 3314 on the floor.

We expect the bill to reach the House for a currency vote on Wednesday 6.20.

Rep. Read’s letter to the Oregonian is reproduced below.

tobias-on-bike.jpgWorking to protect cyclists

The June 9 death of cyclist Timothy O’Donnell, who was struck and killed by a careless driver with a suspended license, has led many to question whether our justice system devalues the lives and safety of vulnerable road users. Many have also called on the Legislature to address this issue and ensure that justice applies to all who use our roads.

Under solutions I’ve advocated for this session, if a driver carelessly kills or injures a vulnerable roadway user, he will face real consequences. Drivers will face a license suspension, be required to serve at least 100 hours of community service and attend a driver improvement class.

During the interim, along with my colleagues, I will look at other methods to ensure that justice is served to people who carelessly kill vulnerable roadway users.

While none of these measures will undo the pain and loss the family and friends of O’Donnell and the many others who have shared in such tragedies have suffered, our actions as a legislative body and a people can be the first steps in ensuring justice and protecting our roads for all users.

TOBIAS READ State representative



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  1. Kristen Permalink  | Jun 20, 2007 10:33am

    This is great, and I’m glad to see such support.

    However, it appears that a license suspension does little to stop people from driving.

    Maybe our elected leaders could address that issue, too?