On Street Bike Parking – a trend has started

Bicycling to an early morning meeting, I noticed N. Mississippi Street’s second on-street bicycle installation. This on is located at the corner of Miss. and Beech.

bike-parking.JPGThe concept is that on-street car parking is removed in order to provide convenient and visible bicycle parking. It’s great for bicyclists because the number of spaces is greatly increased; it’s great for pedestrians because there are less bikes on the sidewalk; it’s great for businesses because more people can park in the limited space, so more people can eat, drink, and enjoy the main street.

The BTA helped spur the first on-street bicycle parking project at Mississippi and Shaver, this project has been a success for everyone in the neighborhood.

You too can have one in front of your business or development project. The City of Portland will generally permit businesses to request special parking, such as 5-minute parking, in front of their places of business. On-street bike parking is no different.

Contact Scott Bricker at the BTA to further discuss on-street bike parking.


Comments (3)

  1. Peter W Permalink  | Nov 30, 2006 09:32pm

    Good news… now they just need to move that tent thing so it is covering the bicycles… 😉

  2. Chris Smith Permalink  | Nov 30, 2006 10:46pm

    It’s also great for motorists because when placed at a corner as in this example it increases visibility and makes the intersection safer.

  3. Richard Wilson Permalink  | Nov 30, 2006 11:04pm

    This is fantastic. I will mention this possibility to the folks at Peets on NE 15th and Broadway. The bike racks are usually full over there…

    Nice observation, Chris, I hadn’t thought of that as a benefit – I for one am sure tired of inching out into traffic to see around parked SUVs and minivans w/tinted windows whether riding or driving.

    So who pays for the installation, racks, etc. – city or local merchants?