Recycling bike tires in Portland

Tire Collection & Processing Facility

RB Recycling, Inc.
8501 N Borthwick
Portland, OR 97217

These folks take old tires and turn them into recycled athletic flooring, playground surfacing, commercial flooring, etc.

Bundle your bike tires 10 per bundle ( I usually use an old inner tube the bundle them, no wire ties please ), pay a recycling fee and throw them onto the big pile out back. The fee is the one downside to this (around 2-3 bucks per bundle, I forget) and keeping away from the great big front end loaders moving piles of big old tires around in order to throw your wee little bundle onto the pile.

There used to be other places that you could send tires too (Splaff flops was such a site) But they are not accepting anymore. If someone knows of a better place to recycle tires, I’m also open to suggestions.

-Joseph B.


Comments (8)

  1. Kay Permalink  | Jul 08, 2006 08:34pm

    What about bike tubes, is there a place that recycles bike tubes?

  2. MR. A Permalink  | Sep 20, 2006 04:46pm

    ask around at Specialized bike dealers. I know down in the bay area, ca specialized is collecting tires to mulch and turn into mats for their stores. So far, it’s a free drop off.

  3. Ben Permalink  | Jun 06, 2007 12:26pm


    Alchemy Goods in Seattle, WA recycles mountain and hybrid size inner tubes. They make a messenger bag out of the reused tubes.

    They will even pay for the shipping if you have a box of at least 25 lbs.

  4. PeteJacobsen Permalink  | Sep 26, 2007 09:31am

    Since this message is a year old, I called RB Recycling before taking some tires there. They do still take bike tires. The cost is ten cents a tire. The person I spoke with was unclear about tubes, but thought they took them but didn’t charge as much. The tire lot is at the corner of Kirby and Argyle, a long block east of the address shown in this post.

  5. Stacy Permalink  | Nov 14, 2007 08:54am

    Is there are place to recycle bike tires in Wisconsin? I found a place online for the tubes(, but would like to hear of any in Wisconsin also. We are in the central part of the state.

  6. localize it Permalink  | Dec 14, 2007 01:04pm

    $10 per tire is ridiculous! I just paid $10 for a pair of used tires – why would I pay twice as much to recycle the old ones. Does anyone have ideas for other use/reuse for old tires? Aside from that, it would seem the BTA should be advocating for a more sensible solution. Perhaps OSD could help find a solution?

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